About ctcLink @ EvCC

The ctcLink project is the implementation of a centralized system to give faculty, students, and staff access to modern functionality and a more efficient way to conduct business.   By the end of 2022, all the colleges will be implemented.  In October of 2019, the Firstlink schools and Clark College successfully implemented the upgraded version of ctcLink (PeopleSoft 9.2). 

Everett Community College will be transitioning to the new software system along with the other ctc’s in Washington State in Deployment Group 5.   Once implemented, all faculty, staff, and students will use this new system. 

Implementing ctcLink will require college employees and departments to evaluate and change the way business is conducted, including policies and processes, the technology and tools used, as well as employee roles and responsibilities.  The software used by staff to conduct key daily business processes will change across campus for most departments when ctcLink goes live.  The impact of this transformation requires employees to modify entrenched behaviors and ideas during the implementation process of this project.

To learn more about the ctcLink project at EvCC visit the ctcLink Resources page on the Intranet.