Back to the Future!

ctcLink 2021

Tuesday’s Totally Tubular Terms 6

I have been asked what all of the terms mean on the Draft High Level Timeline, so here is the Draft High Level Timeline and what each item means.  Apologies, as this is a long post, but I wanted to cover everything.  I will also present this information at the February College meeting and add…
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College closures!

What a week it has been.  Here is a picture of my home on Monday.  It was sure beautiful however, the wind and rain cleared most of it out last night.  Hard to believe how fast snow melts even when there is over a foot of snow!  Working from home this week it made me…
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PeopleSoft Fundamentals Course

At the end of March 2020 EvCC will start the implementation phase of the ctcLink project.  This phase is when employees will start learning how the software works and start making decisions on how ctcLink is set up for EvCC.  In order to do the work required, a basic understanding of PeopleSoft is needed.   To…
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Tuesday’s Totally Tubular Terms 5

With classes starting this week, I think this week’s Totally Tubular Terms should be about students and how they pay.  Academic Calendar – Defines the landmark dates that drive much of the day-to-day business at the academic institution. Contains cancel, withdrawal, drop deadlines, quarterly start and end dates, census date, and other key dates.   –…
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and Happy First day of Winter Quarter! Did you make a new year resolution? If it was to learn something new – PeopleSoft Fundamentals is for you! I am adding employees to the Canvas Course PeopleSoft Fundamentals today and tomorrow. If you work in HP, you should get an email invite. If…
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Tuesday’s Totally Tubular Terms 4 – Happy New Year’s Eve!

I missed posting yesterday. I need to get back into the groove! With the new year 2020 starting tomorrow it makes me think of all of the changes we will go through during 2020. While we won’t actually go live until 2021, 2020 is the year we will make most of the decisions regarding the…
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In the New Year!

During implementation we will be cleaning legacy data and validating data for over a year. This may seem like a long time, but this is the time when we are able to get into the ctclink system, see how it works and develop our future state. We will be learning a new software but with…
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Student Financials Video

There are some videos available on how to conduct work in ctcLink. To get an idea of how to maneuver through ctcLink here is a link to a Panapto video regarding Student Financials. Student Financials is where student tuition is charged and paid. The cashiers will use Student Financials. Check it out –

Implementation Schedule

Last week we received the Draft of our Implementation Schedule.  Here is some information about that schedule: Before we start implementation in March employees who use HP need to take the PeopleSoft Fundamentals class that is offered in Canvas.  The training committee will be working on identifying everyone who needs to take it and you…
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Tuesday’s Totally Tubular Terms 3

Happy Winter Grazing Day! It seems appropriate on the day the college celebrates the holidays, Tuesday’s Totally Tubular Terms should be about the people at the college – your new ID number in ctcLink, your self service abilities, etc. Enjoy your day! Empl ID Pronounced – “em pul eye dee” A single identification number for…
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