DG3A is Live

Olympic College and Lower Columbia College are live in ctcLink as of today, Monday March 9, 2020.  The ctcLink project completed a big milestone this weekend, converting the two DG3A schools. 

Here is the email received from State Board Project Team on Sunday night, 3/8/2020:

Good afternoon PMs/OCMs! Sharing the good news. Big, huge shout out to Rich and Nichole for guiding their teams to success!

College Validation Complete. DG3-A is a Go!

It’s a Go!

The DG3-A Go-Live Validation session held this afternoon with Deployment Group 3-A college subject matter experts (SMEs) was a success and the “all clear” has been given for Lower Columbia and Olympic colleges to go live as planned tomorrow, March 9, 2020.

A Go/No-Go briefing just wrapped up, in which Lower Columbia College, Olympic College, SBCTC PMs and leadership discussed the results of this afternoon’s validation session.

The result: All officially approved a “Go” for DG3-A!  

College SMEs took several hours today to review their ctcLink environment — checking local college configuration and data to ensure everything was how and where it should be. The project team provided support and tracked any issues encountered during the validation session. The issues were logged and discussed with colleges during the Go/No-Go call.  Many items have already been fixed or a solution has been identified and will be addressed in the coming days.

What Happens Next?

The SBCTC/ctcLink teams will be cleaning up any issues and doing final preparations for bringing the ctcLink system back online.

While the official launch of DG3-A is tomorrow morning, it’s expected the ctcLink system will be back up and operational for ctcLink colleges later this evening.

All ctcLink colleges will get the normal ctcLink Alerts message from SBCTC announcing the system is back up and operational. (Please note, for LCC and Olympic, the support line will open at 7:30 tomorrow morning).

With Gratitude!

Thank you to everyone from LCC and OC for all the hard work leading up to today, and for taking time today to check for issues and validate the system. We appreciate your time and expertise in ensuring ctcLink is ready for you and your users.

And HUGE gratitude (and soon, sleep) for the ctcLink/SBCTC teams for the amazing and successful job prepping for two more colleges going live in the ctcLink system and supporting college SMEs all the way to the finish line.

Janelle Runyon
ctcLink Communications Manager
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges