ctcLink Back to the Future – Day 2 – 11/9/21

Today is day 2 of ctcLink Go Live!  Yesterday, 200 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Supervisors were asked to activate their account and first thing, log into the HCM Pillar to set schedules and report their time.  We had approximately 150 employees log in!  Great job!!

Also yesterday, our SMEs started attending State Board Support Sessions.  Most of the pillars have sessions all day to review how to use ctcLink and to get the system up and running for the rest of you to start logging in on Friday and next week. 

Do not input a financial transaction once you get access to the system.  Finance is working on tools and resources for you when you are able to start purchasing again however we still have a purchasing freeze and we need finance to be able to complete their set up tasks prior to employees outside of the finance team using the finance pillar.  Also, we have determined that we will not use the travel and expense module until a later date so if you have travel or expenses you should continue to submit those the same way you have in the past. 

The ctclink Intranet page has lots of information about ctcLink including resources for staff and faculty.  Please use this resource as your first go to for information.  If you still need assistance there is an open Zoom, 9:00 to 5:00 pm.  You can find the link on the ctcLink Support and FAQ intranet page.