Implementation Schedule

Last week we received the Draft of our Implementation Schedule.  Here is some information about that schedule:

Before we start implementation in March employees who use HP need to take the PeopleSoft Fundamentals class that is offered in Canvas.  The training committee will be working on identifying everyone who needs to take it and you will receive an invite.  The committee will also be offering in-person sessions for employees who would like to start to course in a training setting.  Look for the dates in January and February.

The first two activities scheduled for implementation is Global Design Adoption (GDA) and Business Process Fit/Gap (BPFG).  These two activities are crucially important for the set up and design of ctcLink@EvCC.  During these activities homework will be completed for State Board so they are able to correctly configure ctcLink for EvCC and then correctly convert our data.    The schedule will be received in January/February and will be posted on the ctcLink Intranet site.