Tuesday’s Totally Tubular Terms 3

Happy Winter Grazing Day!
It seems appropriate on the day the college celebrates the holidays, Tuesday’s Totally Tubular Terms should be about the people at the college – your new ID number in ctcLink, your self service abilities, etc. Enjoy your day!
Empl ID Pronounced – “em pul eye dee” A single identification number for each person’s record, regardless of whether the person is a student, staff, or faculty. Even if you have multiple roles at multiple campuses and colleges, you will still have just one EMPLID.

Person Record Data in PeopleSoft that uniquely identifies a person. Includes information such as name, birth date, gender, citizenship, ethnicity, address, and telephone number, and also contains characteristics such as their relationship to the organization, their system security/permissions. Each person has only one person record in PeopleSoft.

Employee Self Service (ESS) There is a set of processes that allows employees to view or change their own personal data. Self Service includes viewing your paycheck, changing your mailing address, entering time, etc.

External ID In Campus Solutions (CS Pillar of ctcLink), the legacy (see definition below) SID will be in this field. The field can accommodate multiple External ID numbers for as many SIDs a student\employee has had over the life of their involvement with the community college system.

Legacy The systems that PeopleSoft is replacing, SMS, PPMS, FAM, and FMS. Called HP or HP3000 by many.