Tuesday’s Totally Tubular Terms 5

With classes starting this week, I think this week’s Totally Tubular Terms should be about students and how they pay. 

Academic Calendar – Defines the landmark dates that drive much of the day-to-day business at the academic institution. Contains cancel, withdrawal, drop deadlines, quarterly start and end dates, census date, and other key dates.   – In PeopleSoft, students are able to see many of these dates in their Student Center.  These are set up in “Set up SACR” – SACR stands for Student Administration and Contributor Relations.  SACR is where Student Administration/Campus Solutions defaults are set up.   

Course – Offered by a school and is typically described in a course catalog.  The pure curriculum offering by the college.  

Class – A specific offering of a course component within an academic term/session.  A student enrolls in a class.                                        

Fee Class – What you are charging a fee for, such as tuition. Not the same as fee codes in legacy system                                                                        

Item Type– Within an Account Type, each individual transaction is an Item Type.  For example, within the Account Type “Fees” you might have the Item Types “Parking Fee” and “Lab Fee.”  Item Type is the accounting code for the fee being charged. The way item types are classified governs whether they are considered as financial aid item types.  Item Types are used to identify, define, and categorize aid that is awarded by your institution.  Item Type identifiers are composed of twelve digits. 

Hope the first week of the quarter is going great!