DG3 Go Live Update

Dear EvCC Campus:   

The ctcLink State Board Steering Committee met with the leadership from the six colleges in Deployment Group 3 (DG3) yesterday, February 12 to discuss DG3 readiness for the scheduled March 9, 2020 ctcLink go-live date. 

The short version outcome of that meeting is that the colleges in DG3 and the State Board are not ready for all six schools to go live on March 9, so they are breaking up the DG3 deployment group. Two or three colleges will go live on March 9, and the others will determine an alternate go-live date. This change won’t affect EvCC’s timeline.

The ctcLink State Board Steering Committee reviewed key go-live readiness areas for each DG3 college, as well as the ctcLink Project team and SBCTC support organization readiness. Each college project manager also shared their perspective on go-live readiness for their college. 

Based on this review, it was clear that the risk was too high to deploy all six college on March 9.  Instead, it was suggested that DG3 be split into two conversion go-lives — essentially a DG3-A and DG3-B.

The ctcLink Steering committee reviewed several options and colleges were then given an opportunity to state their preference.  Then the Steering Committee made the following decision: 

  1. Approve Lower Columbia College and Olympic College for the March 9, 2020 go-live date (with the possibility of Peninsula College being added to this group based on further local conversations).
  2. The remaining DG3 colleges (Pearce District and Cascadia) will determine an alternate go-live date by February 18.

What does this mean for EvCC: 

This change to DG3’s go-live dates does not change EvCC’s timeline or the plans we have in place.  To learn about EvCC’s plans and get more information about EvCC’s ctcLink project, see the ctcLink Resources site.     

As more information is received regarding DG3’s go-live status, it will be shared with the college community.

Pat Sisneros ctcLink Project Executive Sponsor Pat Sisneros