DG3 Update

DG3 (6 colleges) are set to go live in March. At the PM meeting this last week information regarding that decision was shared.

Currently the DG3 colleges are completing College Readiness Assessments and this preliminary DG3 Go/No-Go information will go to State Board Steering Committee tomorrow, February 11th. 

The Go-No Go decision for DG3 by the Steering Committee is on February 18th

The directions from the DG3 presidents to the ctcLink Project Team is to continue with the March 6th weekend for Go-Live on March 9th.   

The plan is to convert historical data for Group 1 (two colleges) on Saturday 2/15 and Group 2 (3 colleges) on Saturday 2/22. 

As I hear any updated information, I will share it.  

For DG5 timeline, our kick off and go-live dates should be approved at the ctcLink Steering Committee on February 18th.