ctcLink Back to the Future -17 days – 10/22/21

As of today, Finance is no longer able to pay bills until we are up and running again in ctcLink. Throughout the process, continue to send your invoices as you normally would by uploading to eRequester and sending to accounts payable. We will hold the invoices in our queue and pay them as soon as we are able to do so in ctcLink.

Students that wish to withdraw from courses after the enrollment freeze may submit an Enrollment Change Request through November 21.  Enrollment Services will date/time stamp this request and process the request once able to do so in ctcLink.

Friday, October 22, 2021Enrollment Freeze – No adds/drops/withdrawals after this date until after go live 
October 22 to November 21, 2021Students provide enrollment change requests for Fall Quarter to enrollment services. Requests date/time stamped to be processed after November 21
All Veterans transactions in HP paused for Fall Quarter. 
Cashier Closed – Cashiers office closed for payments to process student and non-student payments. If you receive a check or other payments, continue to send those to cashiers as you normally would. We will deposit the payments and we will hold the information in our queue and post them in ctcLink as soon as we are able to.
Web transaction server down and no Cybersource.   Web credit card and student transaction links have been removed from our website and a note added regarding the update. 
October 22 to October 27, 2021Cashier (Student Financials in ctcLink) will be processing all refunds and closing all batches.
October 22 to End of Fall QuarterEnrollment Services notify eLearning if a student adds or drops a class to Fall Quarter after October 21 

Important date next week for Payroll – Employees and Supervisors, mark your calendars:   

Thursday, October 28, 2021All Timesheets must be submitted and approved by this date.
Time sheets must be in on time and approved, by this date. There will be no hand-drawn checks, so employees who have not submitted their time sheets with approval, will not receive their check until the Nov 25th pay-date. 

DG5-B Goes Live – Big Bend, Whatcom, and Bellingham Tech will convert to ctcLink this weekend and will be live on Monday, October 25.  This is another big milestone for this project.  With the successful conversion of these schools, 22 schools will be live in ctcLink!  We wish these schools success!