ctcLink Back to the Future -18 days – 10/21/21


Today is the last day for students and employees to complete all financial transactions.  Our Student Financials and Finance team must complete a hard close of all of our books by October 27 so they need all financial transactions to cease in order to complete this task by the deadline.  This means that student and employee financial transactions must stop. 

Thursday, October 21, 2021Deadline to drop Late Start credit class for 50% refund
Last day for student and department cashier transactions. Last day to make a change to a student account that causes a refund.
Last day for Fall Quarter enrollment and registration changes in Legacy
Last day for Financial Aid disbursements

In two weeks, we will say farewell to a good and trusty friend to many, our HP software.  While we will still have view only access, we will no longer do our day to day business in this 40 year old system.  Please join me and the ctcLink Steering and Communication teams to say “Goodbye”.  We will be going 88 mph over the next few weeks and we need to slow down for just a bit and remember an old friend!  Mark your calendars – Thursday, November 4, 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm – Jackson Conference Center and Zoom.  Come and count down to 3:00 HP Shutdown with us!