ctcLink Update

ctcLink Update:  Go Live date – November 8, 2021!

Conversion Cycle 3 is wrapping up next week when Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) complete Data Validation.  The last step in each cycle.  Human Resources, Financial Aid, Student Financials (cashiering and accounts receivable), Finance Office, Admissions, Enrollment Services, Veterans, International Education, Workforce Funding, Testing Center, CCEC, Transitional Studies, Running Start and Entry Advising Subject Matter Experts have two weeks to validate thousands of records to check our student, finance, and employee data in ctcLink! 

The Course Catalog and Course Fee SMEs attended a four-day workshop to build out our Course Catalog this week.  After the first two days they had completed more courses than any other school in DG5!  This work is critical as the course catalog information is used for class scheduling, fees, transcripts, and enrollment reporting.  Great job and thank you to our Course Builders! 

Security Mapping continues for all of our User Acceptance Testing employees.  Work is being done to determine all of the scenarios that need to be developed to test all of our 500+ business processes that will change.  Along with this work, testers are being identified and our amazing IT Security team is tracking it all in a workbook.   This is not an easy feat with thousands of roles in ctcLink.   

Subject Matter Experts have a deadline of June 1 to complete Pre-requisite Self-Paced Canvas Training Courses for User Acceptance Testing Walkthroughs that start on June 1. 

Over the next month parallel testing starts for Payroll, Student Financials (tuition), and Financial Aid.  Tests will be conducted in both Legacy/HP (our current system) and ctcLink to see if the outcomes are the same in both systems.  Currently, employees are developing scenarios to test.