Communication to Students

Hi everyone, 

With 23 days before the implementation of ctcLink, you might be wondering what EvCC is doing to prepare students for the change, support their switch to ctcLink, and ensure employees have the information they need to answer student questions. 

Quick Summary: We are communicating with students about ctcLink in many ways, and you are invited to help us respond to student questions. For details, keep reading. 

Communication Plan 

Communication has been an important part of ctcLink since the beginning of the project, especially communication with students. You can see our Communication Strategy for students here. There’s also a detailed list of communication activities. Some have already been completed, including:

  • Updating more than 30 webpages with information about ctcLink deadlines explaining how individual processes will be impacted. Here’s a spreadsheet with the list of those messages and the webpages where they are posted. If I missed anything, please email We will update these pages again in November. 
  • Updating EvCC’s ctcLink webpage. Please watch for additional information to be posted here, including links to training resources. We will also post some instructional videos, which are being created now, on the website. 
  • Adding a ctcLink link to the front page of EvCC’s webpage (thanks IT!). You’ll see the link at the top right menu on our homepage.
  • Awareness emails to students (sent in August and October) and posted info for students on Canvas. You can read copies of the student email communication here. In Canvas, please check out the Announcements. 
  • Updating the Student FAQ we use for answering student questions. Usually, we use this for answering questions on social media and via EvCC text messages. We are sharing it more broadly to help employees answer questions that students might have about ctcLink. Please note that this is an internal reference, not something we’ll email to students. It is also frequently updated. You’ll note that there are some questions in the comments on this document for answers that are in progress. HUGE thanks to the many people on campus who made this FAQ possible. If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ, please add it as a comment. 
  • More to come! Stay tuned as we roll out our next wave of communication.  

We need your help 

During the switch to ctcLink, some offices will be closed so staff can concentrate on getting ctcLink up and running. For a list of offices and dates, please see the handy timeline on the ctcLink webpage that ctcLink Project Manager Sindie Howland created. There’s also great ctcLink info on the Intranet. 

During this time, we’d like to offer alternative support to students via text message, email and phone. 

Many of the people who’d usually be involved in that work are unavailable due to ctcLink. Can you help for three hours a week starting Nov. 1? We will train you!!  Add your name to our texting list or contact me at to volunteer. We will also have Student Ambassadors answering questions too. 

If you have any questions or suggestions about ctcLink communication, you are welcome to email me! 


Katherine Schiffner

Director of Public Relations