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ctcLink 2021

Updates – EvCC and DG3A

State Board has posted information on their blog regarding DG3A Status. Read about it here: Also, I just posted a Status Update for EvCC. You can find it here:

DG3A is Live

Olympic College and Lower Columbia College are live in ctcLink as of today, Monday March 9, 2020.  The ctcLink project completed a big milestone this weekend, converting the two DG3A schools.  Here is the email received from State Board Project Team on Sunday night, 3/8/2020: Good afternoon PMs/OCMs! Sharing the good news. Big, huge shout…
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ctcLink State Project Update

Everett Community College will likely start our implementation phase of ctcLink in May instead of the end of March, following a ctcLink State Board Steering Committee decision on the timing of Deployment Group 3 (DG3). EvCC is in Deployment Group 5. Our go-live date is tentatively scheduled for October 2021.   The ctcLink State Board Steering Committee decided…
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DG3 Go Live Update

Dear EvCC Campus:    The ctcLink State Board Steering Committee met with the leadership from the six colleges in Deployment Group 3 (DG3) yesterday, February 12 to discuss DG3 readiness for the scheduled March 9, 2020 ctcLink go-live date.  The short version outcome of that meeting is that the colleges in DG3 and the State…
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DG3 Update

DG3 (6 colleges) are set to go live in March. At the PM meeting this last week information regarding that decision was shared. Currently the DG3 colleges are completing College Readiness Assessments and this preliminary DG3 Go/No-Go information will go to State Board Steering Committee tomorrow, February 11th.  The Go-No Go decision for DG3 by…
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Tuesday’s Totally Tubular Terms 6

I have been asked what all of the terms mean on the Draft High Level Timeline, so here is the Draft High Level Timeline and what each item means.  Apologies, as this is a long post, but I wanted to cover everything.  I will also present this information at the February College meeting and add…
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College closures!

What a week it has been.  Here is a picture of my home on Monday.  It was sure beautiful however, the wind and rain cleared most of it out last night.  Hard to believe how fast snow melts even when there is over a foot of snow!  Working from home this week it made me…
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PeopleSoft Fundamentals Course

At the end of March 2020 EvCC will start the implementation phase of the ctcLink project.  This phase is when employees will start learning how the software works and start making decisions on how ctcLink is set up for EvCC.  In order to do the work required, a basic understanding of PeopleSoft is needed.   To…
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Tuesday’s Totally Tubular Terms 5

With classes starting this week, I think this week’s Totally Tubular Terms should be about students and how they pay.  Academic Calendar – Defines the landmark dates that drive much of the day-to-day business at the academic institution. Contains cancel, withdrawal, drop deadlines, quarterly start and end dates, census date, and other key dates.   –…
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and Happy First day of Winter Quarter! Did you make a new year resolution? If it was to learn something new – PeopleSoft Fundamentals is for you! I am adding employees to the Canvas Course PeopleSoft Fundamentals today and tomorrow. If you work in HP, you should get an email invite. If…
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